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Workplace Productivity in a Digital World Outline
    Despite the negative effects of digital tools, they create more productivity than distractions when used correctly. The best approach to increase productivity in a hybrid work model lies not just in using technology effectively but also customizing and integrating these apps to provide better support and context for teams both inside and outside the office (Gopal, 2020). Business use CRM Software, HR Software, ERP Software and cloud-based tools to support their business operations. These digital tools have both positive and negatives when using them in the business environment.
    Digital tools in the business environment
CRM Software
HR Software
ERP Software
Cloud Tools
    Benefits of using digital tools
Increased employee engagement
Improved communication
Attract talent
Increased revenue
    Downside to using digital tools
Loss of interpersonal communication skills
Increased Costs
Resistance to change
Data Security

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