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The purpose of the assignment is for you to critically evaluate open sources for reliability and for you to explore your biases. As an intelligence analyst or OSINT professional you will have to provide the decision maker with the best available intelligence analysis. So choose your sources carefully and keep your mind open as you select ONE of the below topics for your paper. This four (4) to six (6) page paper is due at the end of week 4. As always, the page count does not include the title or references pages.

1. What is QAnon and what is the best way to manipulate the various theories associated with it for political advantage? What threat, if any, does it pose to our way of American democracy? Should political entities embrace its efforts or should it be completely disavowed?

2. What is Antifa? Is it a terrorist organization, a peaceful movement, or something in between. What threat does it pose to our way of American democracy?

3. Describe and explain the Uranium One Deal. To what extent, if any, did Hillary Clinton collude with the Russians?











Feel free to find your own sources as well.

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