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Assessment task details and instructions

Address the following task:

Evaluate how ONE digital retailer of your choice uses the principles of marketing management, and how its competitive position has been affected currently and is likely to be in the future, as a result of market environmental changes. 
Your work should include consideration of the following :

(1)    The marketing environment, and how your chosen digital retailers competitive position is currently being affected as a result of marketing environmental changes(25 marks)
(2)    The marketing mix (45 marks)
(3)    Segmentation, targeting and positioning  including perceptual map of your chosen digital retailer relative to its competitors(10 marks)
(4)    Recommendations as  how your chosen digital retailers competitive position is likely to be affected in the future as a result of marketing environmental changes (20 marks)
Please note if the organisation you choose is a multinational business you are advised to focus on any ONE country of your choice. In addition, if the organisation has a wide product portfolio you should consider focusing on a clearly defined aspect. If you wish to narrow your analysis to a particular country, or aspect of product portfolio you need to make this clear in the introduction to your assessment.

You should draw upon relevant academic as well as practitioner sources to support your points

You are expected to undertake your own desk research to update your understanding of the current corporate context of the company.

Your work should be in a creative, critical and evaluative manner. Ensure that your arguments are clear and logical and where appropriate include academic sources, i.e. academic journal papers, which add weight to your points raised. Please show in your list of references an appropriate breadth and depth of references relevant to the topic.

Your work must be correctly referenced throughout in the APA Harvard format.

Your assignment should be word processed and produced in an appropriate academic style. The font should be 12. The work should be completed on an individual basis.

We have set up a draft submission area so that you can check whether your work is adequately referenced. You are strongly advised to make use of this system.


The Universitys policy on Good Academic Conduct applies. Plagiarism, collusion and other forms of misconduct identified by the Policy are serious offences leading to potentially very severe disciplinary consequences.  Cases of academic misconduct WILL be reported.

In a nutshell plagiarism means passing off somebody elses efforts as your own work.

The following are NOT permitted:
    Copying somebody elses work in whole or in part
    Getting somebody else to help you with the specific content of your assignment (only general discussion with somebody else about the topics covered in the assignment is permitted not discussion about the specific assignment contents)
    Getting somebody else to correct your work
    Copying (or cutting and pasting) text or web site content into your assignment without attribution of the source with full academic referencing
    Quoting more than 100 words of text verbatim even with attribution to the source

Any student who assists another student to plagiarise or collude (by allowing their work to be copied or by specific assistance/checking another students work) or participates in any other form of misconduct is ALSO guilty of misconduct and will be penalised along with the student who has been assisted.

Module Aims
On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding
Upon successful completion of the module, you will be able to:
(1)    To critically evaluate the theoretical and practical underpinning of  marketing management, in the context of  an evolving and competitive marketing environment.
(2)    To critically appraise and apply the marketing mix in the  context of contemporary brands.
(3)    To insightfully analyse the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies of brands.
(4)    To evaluate  the credibility and sustainability of current marketing strategies adopted by brands and posit potential future strategies to enrich brands

Practical, Professional or Subject Specific Skills
On completion you will have had the opportunity to/will be able to:
(1)    undertake desk-based research on the marketing management of brands
gain experience of working on short term part independent, yet guided  real life marketing management reports
(2)    Make marketing management recommendations based on a real life organisation

Transferable Skills and other attributes (maximum of 5)
On Completion you will have developed:
(1)    Experience of preparing and presenting reports.
(2)    The ability to plan and manage their time effectively.
Word count/ duration (if applicable)
Your assessment should be 5000 Words excluding references.

No work beyond the limit of 5000 words will be marked.

As a guide, you should divide the word count approximately in proportion to the allocation of marks.

No appendices are permitted.

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