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An artifact you create based on your study of MeEds(Margaret Bancroft) life. It should give a picture of her views, situated in her world. The artifact is up to your imagination. A diary entry is a popular item. But you may do a short scene from her life or an interview with a news reporter, a letter, a poem, a diorama, a recipe, etc. Use some medium as your medium to channel Margaret Bancroft. Give our class an insight into her life. The artifact will demonstrate Margaret Bancroft’s thinking and how it arose from events of her day, personal and historic. What is she reading, who is she talking to, what concerts or sporting events is she attending? Who are her critics and what do they say? Become her and think like her. And create something from her perspective.

For each section post an introductory paragraph (with references for at least the first three) and attach your concept map or artifact. WRITE IN THE FIRST PERSON be them. Not all examples are this way, but I enjoyed those that took this route, so have requested same of you. Recreate yourself thru reincarnation! 
The first step is finding the soul you wish to reincarnate:  Lets consider ways of choosing a person, starting by broadening our concept of an educator to include authors, politicians, scientists, artists, and various thinkers who influenced the history of ideas and impacted education, though not necessarily directly. For example, John Dewey is commonly suggested as the most famous American philosopher, certainly as the most well-known education philosopher; but, I would answer it was Ralph Waldo Emerson, however most folks would place him in the literature category. But such a choice then would make sense for an English major. Likewise, a history teacher could choose to be Horace Mann campaigning for public education or Confucius advocating for an educated bureaucracy, or Gandhi, Mandela, et al. Or perhaps you could situate yourself in a prison and write us from there you could be MLK from Birmingham, Bonhoeuffer from Germany, Gramsci from Italy, Freire from Brazil. A business major could be Andre Carnegie, who greatly influenced education. A psychology major might want to be Skinner or Jung, or Alexander who was connected to Dewey. If you are becoming an elementary teacher, perhaps you would like to be Dr. Maria Montessori. Many intellectuals in the past were true philosophers and educators in a broad manner because of the broad range of subjects they studied, for example Hildegard of Bingen.
Perhaps you have a favorite historical figure, and if they dont qualify as an educator, even under this broad view, a contemporary of theirs who is considered influential in education would interest you. You could find someone based on your interest in a particular time period or culture (have you explored yours enough to teach about other folks cultures?).

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