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Research paper must provide economic analysis of your country (research papers title).
Research paper to be an economic analysis of a current (2014-2020) International Trade and Finance activity. 
Focus on economic analysis of activity occurring 2014 or later.
Economic analysis to address the economic activity and financial implications of your country expressed in the affected countrys currency or US dollars.
Economic analysis must address relevant economic factors expressed monetarily. Relevant economic factors could include but are not limited to: labor, material, manufacturing, shipping costs, savings, expenses, taxes, return on investment (ROI), profitability, monetary benefits, monetary detriments, etc.
Disparity in socioeconomic factors, political considerations, environmental impact, etc. must be addressed as an economic variable, not a political/social problem.
Background information and definitions should be minimal
Do not provide political analysis
An example, if you wish to write about locating foreign automobile manufacturers to right-to-work states and then only tell me about local unionization problems, your grade will be minimal since you did not address the economic impact of the location selection.
Use either MLA or APA format for Research Paper.
MLA: http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage/mla (Links to an external site.)
APA: http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage/apa (Links to an external site.)
Bibliography is required
Research paper, excluding abstract and bibliography, to be approximately 1,000 words no less than 1,000 words, no more than 1,200 words.
Paper must contain your name; however, no title page or table of contents
Abstract to be included but it does not count as part of the papers required word count. Abstract should be approximately 100 words
At least two refereed journal articles are required and must be included within your citations.
(Google Scholar is a good place to search for articles in refereed journals.)
Cited material cannot exceed 15% of the total word count.
Textbook(s) are not acceptable references for this research paper.
Proper titles to be used, no last names, e.g. Secretary of State Clinton, President Obama, not Clinton or Obama.
Content to be spellchecked and proofread before submission, no Instant Message text.
Use of third-person (he, she, it, and they) format is required. (No I “we”, “us”, or you)
Use of Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) is required.
Times New Roman recommended, size 12 font (title may be larger)
Standard margins APA or MLA
If you are not sure of your topic country choice, call to discuss.
If you are not sure of the direction your paper is going, send it in week 7 for a review.
Bottom Line – – this paper should be a research paper based on solid economic analysis expressed in the affected countrys currency or US dollars.

Hannah Snell
Final Research (Country) Paper
ECO- 4451 XTIA
Country – Bhutan
As a reminder, research paper must analyze current international trade and finance activity; background information should be minimal; definitions are not to be included.  Paper should explain, in dollars or a countrys currency, changes to GDP, employment, what profits/losses occurred related to your topic, what happened economically because of your topic, what your topic contributed to or detracted from the U.S. and/or other affected countries economies, etc.  Focus is on economics, not socio-economic factors or a political/social problem.

    Bhutan is a small economy highly open to foreign trade, in fact India is the countrys main trading partner. One-third of Bhutans exports to India are electricity, and the major exports from India to Bhutan are light oils and preparations. Bhutans top import in 2019 was Refined Petroleum. Bhutan imported $819 million, making it the number 185 trade destination in the world. During the last five reported years the imports of Bhutan changed by $580 million from 240 million in 2014, to $819 million in 2019. It has a lot of information when it comes to finance.


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