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executive summary from the following business idea:
Vegetables are one the products that are most used in the making of dishes, they are used for broths, purees, souses and other parts of dishes. Differently, the main purpose of micro fruits and vegetables, due to their small size, is decoration. Most high-end restaurants in Spain are demanding of micro vegetables for their dish creations. This product with a high quality is not that easy to find. The idea is to use the preexisting greenhouses that are family owned and not being used to produce specifically what each restaurant wants. At the beginning the company would already have several green houses with an area of 620 square meters each. The in-season products will be cultivated outside in the crop fields that are also already owned. Due to the profile of the target client our products have a BIO certification accredited by CCPAE. At the beginning we would be cultivating many different products to allocate what works specifically for the clients, taking into consideration their current needs and possible future necessities.

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