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The main difference between a traditional marketing plan and a Service Marketing plan is the fact that you are dealing with an intangible product instead of a tangible good.

For this project, you are going to create a fictitious service company in which you are the Director of Marketing in which you are responsible for the development of the marketing plan.

Your written plan should include a title and reference page, 4 or so additional pages on content dealing with the 5 assigned topics below.

1.) Overview: Discuss your overall goals with the plan. What do you seek to achieve by implementing this plan?
2.) Describe the current state of your company and its strengths and weaknesses?
3.) Identify your customers, who are also called your target market. Develop a customer profile.
4.) Discuss any research that you will do to make decisions about your marketing plan, such as surveys, e-mails, polls, or even focus groups.
5.) List a specific plan for how you will reach your target market. Be sure to consider all elements of the marketing mix.

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