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Many scientists and people in leadership positions say that
humans must not pollute, must avoid being wasteful, and must have a style of
life that is sustainable. However, can people really achieve this or is this
just a totally unrealistic proposition? Today, humans pollute heavily, are
incredibly wasteful, and are not preserving resources for their grandsons and
granddaughters. Can humans really achieve ecological sustainability?

Investigate about sustainability and write an essay about it.  The questions provided above are to motivate you to investigate about this topic; you do not need to answer them one by one. The essay must be at least five paragraphs long, and each paragraph must contain at least five sentences (you can write more than five paragraphs and more than five sentences per paragraph if you wish to do so). The content of your essay must be written entirely in your OWN words.  Use in-text citations in parenthesis, APA style, if you paraphrase information from other authors. Paraphrasing is not copy-pasting or copying and changing a few words from other authors’ writings – it is writing it in your OWN words to explain the authors’ writings. Only when necessary, you can quote, but these quotes do not count towards the last tally of the number of paragraphs and sentences required from your OWN writing.  You must cite at least three references you used to investigate this topic at the end of your essay (use APA style).  Also, use APA style when using in-text citations in parentheses.
PLEASE understand that cover page and references are not counted as essay pages. THANKS

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