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Are multinational corporations the tools of states (realism), or are states the tools or multinational corporations (critical view)? Which view better explains the world as we see it today? Defend your position with contemporary or historical facts.

Pick between the two prompts

Prompt 1:
If you believe that states control multinational corporations, explain why by posting an essay in this thread.

Prompt 2:
Critical View
If you believe that multinational corporations control states, explain why by posting an essay in this thread.

(1) A clear introduction that addresses directly the question posed by the instructor;
(2) A body of factual examples that support your thesis; these examples may be drawn from either the assigned readings or footnoted sources researched independently by the student; Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for academic essays;
(3) A coherent paragraph structure that highlights your main points; and
(4) Appropriate citations for materials drawn from the works of others; plagiarized threads will be penalized.

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