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Introduction: Currently there are 193 states that are recognized by the United Nations. These countries all have different origins and unique histories. Some were created through colonization, some came into existence after World Wars, and others have been created due to conflict and changing cultural boundaries. For this project, you will be creating your own state.

Directions: You must create a state using your knowledge of political organization and agriculture (Units 4 and 5). For this project, you must complete a paper that details various aspects of your state and a visual presentation that will give a unique overview of your state.
When planning your state, you must include the following:
The shape of your state and how this negatively and positively impacts your country. Review chapter 8 for state shapes and their meanings.
Where your state is located on the globe, and how this affects climate and agriculture. Make sure the latitude of your country corresponds with the correct climate and economic level of your country. Review the Cone and Periphery Model from chapter 10 to guide your choices. When discussing agriculture and climate, you will need to review chapter 9.
What job sectors exist in your country and whether or not your country is a MDC or LDC. Review chapters 8 and 10.
The type of government system your state will use (unitary or federal); make sure that your state shape corresponds to the government system you choose. Review chapter 8 for guidance on unitary and federal states.
Centripetal and centrifugal forces that exist within the state, and how these impact society. Review chapter 5/8-11 for information on these forces and their impacts.
How women and men exist within the state. Is there equality? How so? Review the GDI and GII/GEM from chapter 10-11.
What stage of Rostows Development Model your state is in. You must also tell the history of your state for each stage up to the point your state is currently in. Review Rostows model in Chapter 10.

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