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Read attached file & answer questions:

HBS Case #2, LeBron James (10%)
1) What are the most critical issues that Maverick Carter representing LeBron James faces in assessing the three videogames endorsement opportunities?
2) How would you describe the LeBron James brand, first in 2008 and today 11 years later in LeBron IV (Cavs-Heat-Cavs2-Lakers)?  How would you differ in the approach of managing the LeBron brand if you were running LRMR or IMG?
3) Please explain what compensation model would be attractive to LeBron first in 2008, and then today in 2019?  Why would there be any difference in the approach?
4) What risk if any does a sponsor take in using LeBron as its endorser? Is there an endorser alternative approach that would yield more return on the investment for the sponsor that you would consider?

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