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Part 1: (45 points) Introduction and Concept Review: Introduce your audience to the information you are presenting and the department you are responsible for.  Discuss the key concepts reviewed in this unit and how it connects to the bigger picture (six-month plan). What are the goals and objectives of this analysis?  Who shares and/or impacts this review and action plan in the retail environment?  It is typical that there is a collaborative approach to planning that will affect a broad range of departments and partners in an organization. Please explain this.
Share the new metrics that youve learned and discuss how these will assist in this analysis. What are the key metrics and how will you measure success?  What are the benefits of these? How would you use these concepts in day to day practice?  Were performance expectations met, missed, or exceeded?

Part 2: (45 points) Analysis, Action Plan, and Supporting Metrics:  Interpret the results!  This is the hard part.  What do the numbers mean?  Most critical, what action points can be driven by this analysis?  This may include an allocation strategy, markdown strategy, visual merchandising strategy. Transfers, social media, etc.  Your analysis must circle back to the introduction and concept review as the conclusion to your journal submission. Also, you should use statistically-based metrics to support your viewpoint as well as comparisons to the benchmarks used for this analysis.

Based on these results, what course of action will need to be taken (tactical) in order to address the strategy developed to meet the business goalsallocation,  promotions, visual merchandising, transfers, social media, etc.

Format counts!  (10 points) Submissions must be professional, organized, thoughtful, and clear.  You are encouraged to incorporate images and tables where appropriate.  All journal submissions must be double spaced.  The goal should be to create an excellent addition to your portfolio to serve as a strong business writing sample and a compelling extension of your resume.

Reminder: More is not better.  Editing is the hard part but the most critical aspect of the journal.  Your goal should be to keep this to no more than 1000 words.

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