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Submit Milestone Two, which is the second of two milestones for the final project in this course. For this milestone, you will complete Section III: People, Interests, Options, Criteria (PIOC) Analysis Overview and Section IV: Communication Strategies of the final project.

Milestone Two should incorporate your work from:

Module Four Small Group Discussion: Five Communication Strategy Recommendations
Module Four Discussion: ZOPA and BATNA for Alice Jones
Module Five Discussion: Proxemics
Module Five Assignment: Questions for the Negotiating Session
In your submission, you should recommend options that address both parties’ distributive and integrative interests, using both overt and tacit communication prompts that could be used in the negotiation meeting by Sharon Slade.

Consider blind spots that Sharon Slade may have (but may not be aware of) and that Alice Jones may know. You will want to refer to our readings on the Johari window that address this issue. Be sure to address these potential blind spots when formulating the negotiating positions that you will recommend to Sharon Slade. Doing this will increase the likelihood of reaching an integrative, win-win negotiation outcome.

Before submitting your assignment, be sure to check it against the Milestone Two grading rubric, which is in the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document. Refer to this document for more details about this assignment.

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