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In the attached document (below as PDF)

You will find six speeches made by modern presidents as they unilaterally initiated the use of force. For each speech, briefly describe how the president *legally* or *constitutionally* justifies his *authority* to use force. (Not why using force is his preferred policy choice). If you can’t find any authorizing language, please note that.

Speech 1: George H. W. Bush “Address to the Nation Announcing United States Military Action in Panama”

Speech 2: George H. W. Bush, “Address to the Nation Announcing the Deployment of United States Armed Forces to Saudi Arabia”

Speech 3: Bill Clinton, “Remarks Announcing a Missile Strike on Iraq and an Exchange With Reporters”

Speech 4: Bill Clinton, press conference, including remarks on sending troops to Bosnia

Speech 5: Bill Clinton, health care press conference, including remarks on air strikes against Serbia

Speech 6: Barack Obama, “Remarks on the Situation in Libya”

please only use the primary source attached. no secondary sources allowed.

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