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This week you will use the grading rubric and provide constructive feedback on each other’s proposals. You won’t grade your classmates’ proposals, but you need to ensure the elements from the rubric are met. Ensure you upload your draft proposal project for peer review no later than mid-week to allow time for your classmates to review and make comments.

Post Proposal

In your initial post, upload a copy of your proposal and address the following:

Provide a brief summary about the challenges you faced while completing this proposal.
Select one of the five functions of management that appealed the most to you. Explain your rationale.
Before you submit your initial post, make sure you incorporated the feedback provided by your instructor on prior submissions.

    Peer Review
Using the rubric,Preview the document ensure the draft proposal meets the grading criteria and provide quality, in-depth feedback to at least two of your peers on their proposal. Some examples of quality feedback are: There were only three functions of management addressed; you will want to ensure you include all five. Or, I see grammar and punctuation errors on slides 3 and 4; be specific.

Make every effort not to provide feedback to someone that already received feedback from another classmate. This is a graded activity. Review the discussion rubric, which will be used to evaluate your discussion postings.

Reminder, post early in the week to allow others the opportunity to review and comment on your proposal.

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