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Hi there, I need you to help me write a deferral letter to Chapman University. I am a senior from high school and I applied Chapman as undeclared. I have provided the materials that you will need. I have a college consult and she gave a sample of deferral letter so you can use it as reference but please don’t copy it. I have also give you the essay that I turned in during the application so you will know a bit more what I wrote before. Now let me give you more informations for what I have done after applying. My 1st semester grade: A for english, AP stat. Ap comparative government, C for APES, A for art and B for dance. I have also been taken courses in Coursera (this activity is also being listed in my college application so is a thing I been always doing). Courses I took during this 3 month: Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions; Positive Psychology: Character and Grit and Research Methods; Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills. Writing doesn’t need to be perfect because my college consult will check again and I don’t want her to think that it wasn’t done by me. Thank you.

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