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Final Report for Environmental Economics

1- Start by reading the following article: 5 Epic Ways Smart Cities Can Help the Environment
It is available at: https://medium.com/@mapanauta/5-epic-ways-smart-cities-can-help-the-environment-7192d77ff702
2- Reading this article, you can identify the 5 areas that the author claims smart cities may help the environment.
3- List them in your own order of significance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (1 for the most significant, and 5 for the least)
4- Choose the one you think is the most significant (the one you chose as no. 1 in your list) and then search and find by yourself at least three papers about it and read them.
5- Write your report based on what you have learned from these papers. Write an essay about the possible impact of smart cities on the environment in at least 1000 words, with citation of at least 3 references.
6- Write your essay in at least 3 separate paragraphs, each focusing on a valid point.
7- Explain your view based on what you have learned about the possible impact of smart cities on the environment. Do you agree with this premise that smart cities will help solve environmental problems, or not, and why?

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