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Discussion 1
-Write 2 paragraphs explaining your thoughts about it. 
Animals, plants, humans, fungi, bacteria, viruses
You may use the web.  Some useful websites are listed below:
Write an explanation of why this topic is of interest to you, and why it is relevant and important to you and others (2 paragraphs).
List your references: the 2 or more journals or other sources of information that you have used, other than your textbook.

Discussion 2
As you are now studying the Biosphere and Population Ecology, let us consider the impact of populations of Genetically Modified (GM) organisms on the biosphere.
Post a 2-paragraph discussion which describes the arguments for and against Genetically Modified plants.  Title paragraph 1 as “Pros,” and then title paragraph 2 as “Cons.”
You should use at least 2 sources other than your textbook, and cite these references to support your discussion. 
These issues are very real and are being debated world-wide by scientists, governments, and concerned individuals.

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