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D.F. is a 27-year-old woman who presents to the gynecologists office for her yearly examination complaining of bilateral breast pain and tenderness.

Subjective Data

Last menstrual cycle: 18 days ago

Pain is dull pain

Breasts feel heavy and tender

Performs monthly breast self-examinations

Objective Data

Breasts moderate size, evenly pigmented, bilaterally symmetric, and hang equally with smooth contour. Venous patterns bilaterally similar. Breasts firm, smooth, elastic without tenderness, lumps, or nodules. Areolae round, nipples protruding, symmetric, soft, pliable, smooth, and intact without discharge. Axillary lymph nodes are not palpated.

Questions:  Give your answer and rationale on all items:

What other questions should the nurse ask about the breast pain?
What are some of the causes of breast pain?
Develop a problems list from the objective and subjective data.
What should be included in the plan of care?
Based on the readings and the subjective and objective data, what is the most likely cause of breast pain for this patient?

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