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One of the most important facets of police work is knowing when it is legal to stop a person and whether he or she can be searched. The US Supreme Court case of Terry vs Ohio determined an officer can stop a person and conduct a pat down under a very specific set of circumstances. For this research paper, please research this landmark case and explain when an officer is allowed to stop a person and conduct a pat down. The difference in this case is the suspects had not yet committed a crime and the officer did not have a warrant to search them. Explain why the Court permitted this. How are pat downs affected by the exclusionary rule? If you need something else to write about to fill the two-page requirement, also explain the US Supreme Court case that governs vehicle searches and what factors allow an officer to search a car. This paper must be two pages in length and in APA format. Cite your sources on a references page and be sure to use in-text citations for each source.

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