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Must be an analysis of romeo and juliet using Louise Cowan description of a tragedy

The lens is the Cowan essays generally.  You are supposed to argue that your chosen work (for you, R&J) is either a tragedy, comedy, or epic.  Thats it.  And you are supposed to ground your evidence in Cowans essays.  What specifically does she say claim about those genres that makes you think R&J is a comedy, tragedy, or epic?  Although R&J might have elements of more than one genre, you will want to argue that it fits best within one, and only one, of the three.  You might also, if you want to narrow the focus of your essay, argue that it belongs in one of the sub-genres.  So, if it is comedy, tell me if it is infernal, purgatorial, or paradisal.  If it is tragedy, argue that it is stage 1 (fall, catastrophe), stage 2 (wandering, exile), or stage 3 (reconciliation, redemption, resolution).

that is an explanation email from my professor. 

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