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Cause and effect essay on the rise of depression and suicide in adolescent girls stems from the unrealistic standards of beauty and cyberbullying on social media. I have included my annotated bibliography and the pdfs of the five sources you’ll be using. Feel free to add another source or two (can be non-scholary if desired) but the five sources provided have to be used in essay.

Requirements from professor: You will compose a 1,000-to 1,200-word cause and effect research essay that critically synthesizes the annotated sources and other sources with your topic. Your sources should talk to each other by highlighting connections and disparities among the sources. Build an argument about what your reader should learn from putting these sources into conversation with each other. Rather than simply summarizing the sources, this essay provide a map through the sources that adds to the readers understanding of the relationships between the sources and the ideas they present. The goal is to make new connections. The essay should explain why the topic is important. Consider referencing well-chosen facts, statistics, expert opinions, descriptive details, advantages and disadvantages, brief examples, etc.to persuade your reader to agree with you. Finally, your conclusion should not be a simple rewording of your thesis or a sentence-by-sentence recap of each paragraph. Include a critical analysis that helps your reader understand WHY you have taken your position.

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