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Write a 300-500 word paper addressed to a particular person/group in which you:
    Identify and briefly describe your target audience (individual or group).
    In your own words, explain to your audience the meaning of shared vision and team learning. Why are developing a shared vision and team learning opportunities important organizational disciplines? How do the principles of team learning and shared vision interact to strengthen and reinforce one another? How do team learning and shared vision provide a foundation for engaging in or strengthening systems thinking?
    Your explanation should be responsive to the perspectives of your audience.
    Provide specific support for your statements and assertions as you draw connections among the five disciplines and your examples.
    Your examples should include specific details that promote greater understanding of shared vision and team learning that you want to convey to your audience.
    Explain how you would recommend the organization use change management strategies to ensure the development and/or fulfillment of a shared vision and team learning.
    Explain to your audience what organizational changes you would recommend that could enhance a shared vision and team learning among diverse stakeholders in the organization.
    At the end of your paper include at least 3 questions about shared vision and team learning as they relate to your audience that, when thoughtfully considered, might promote continuous improvement and organizational learning.
In your writing, try to make specific connections between the concept(s) in The Fifth Discipline and organizational details. Avoid writing in vague generalizations that do little to demonstrate a grasp of the concept or enlighten your audience.

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