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This paper is for a course in Organizational Structure and Design. The goal is to show linkages between how organizational design and structure influence the culture and ethics of an organization. Here’s a sample outline:

I. Defining Organizational Culture and Ethics

A. Background on culture and ethics

B. Culture types (Examples: Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.)

C. Ethical behavior

II. Review of organizational structure and design

            A. Structural framework and pattern of interactions

B. Efficient vs. learning and adaptation

C. Mechanistic vs. flexible

D. Provide examples: Xerox, Kodak, Walmart, etc.

III. Discuss relational linkages

            A. Organizational structure and design types

            B. Organizational culture types

                        1. Clan, Adaptability, Mission, Bureaucratic

IV. Dependent Relationships

            A. Culture and Ethics influence on organizational structure and design

            B. Structure and designs impact on culture and ethics

V. Organic development vs Purpose Driven Culture

            A. Unguided vs guided culture

            B. Leaderships role in culture and ethics establishment

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