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Our product is a treat pouch for training your puppy. It will be a small, durable plastic pouch that releases treats with the press of a button to capture your puppys good behaviour immediately. This pouch can attach to a leash or a belt loop and is most convenient when training your puppy.

For the product:  Treats are one of the most used tools for training dogs as they are a way to express love and positive reinforcement for good behaviour (Millan, 2015). A dogs ability to remember concrete things is between 10 and 20 seconds, making it important to praise them with a treat the second they do something you want them to remember (Do Dogs,2018). Product X allows for owners and training to do just that at a push of a button. Product X is a treat pouch with a button which allows for quick access to treats while training a puppy. The product will be made out of durable recycled plastic with a rotating dispenser that releases a treat when the button is pushed. This feature makes it easier for owners and trainers to capture and reward the dogs good behaviour immediately compared to competitors.

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