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The paper should be a minimum of 3 pages of text (doesnt include cover page or reference page). The paper should be double spaced and have margins no larger than 1 inch. Use appropriate APA format for all aspects of the paper. You do not need to include an abstract. Be sure to address all aspects of the assigned question. In order to fully address the question for the assignment, you will need to make reference to the textbook.

You should cite where appropriate within the paper and have a reference page. You may use outside resources to complete the paper, but you are not required to. If you do use outside sources, be sure to cite and reference appropriately. Your grade will be based on both the content and format of the paper. The readings in this module (CHAPTER 20 to CHAPTER 24)

While it is still early in the Administration, comments made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicate a possible shift in the federal criminal justice system back towards many of the War on Drug policies of the 1980s.  This follows several years of bipartisan support for sentencing reform, especially for first time or low level drug offenders.  Sessions has indicated support for increased use of mandatory minimum sentencing and sentencing enhancements for drug offenders. 

Based on the readings from this module (as well as any other module in the course), do you believe a return to the get tough policies of the War on Drug era is warranted and beneficial to society (No)?  Why not?

Text required: Maguire, M. & Okada, D. (2015). Critical issues in crime and justice: Thought, policy, and practice.  2nd ed.

Readings required:
Chapter 20 Public Policy
Chapter 21 Courts
Chapter 22 Juvenile Justice
Chapter 23 Corrections
Chapter 24 Community Corrections

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