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The writer of a position paper presents convincing evidence to support the stated point
of view while also addressing and arguing against the arguments that would be presented
by the opposing side.
This discussion should be framed from an academic
perspective (i.e. science) and not based on ones personal opinion.

Identify a policy that you would like to see become law [but is not now a federal law or only in
specific states]. Write a position paper (around 5 pages in length) which develops your argument
for legislation to make the policy a formal law. You have the freedom to identify a policy issue
that you feel is important and personally meaningful. This policy position paper should include
the following and follow the formatting indicated at the bottom:

State the policy, provide some background and identify 3 well-developed and convincing
justifications for why this policy should become law. (15 points)

Think about what comments or arguments the opposing side might use to refute each of
your justifications listed above. Provide 3 rebuttal arguments to challenge their claimsone for each of the initial justifications.
Rebuttal arguments should have 2 parts: a) Rebuttal – summary of what the opposing
side might argue in refuting your justification; b) Counter claim- an argument that
discredits their claim. (21 points)
State whether and how the policy would impact structural racism in the USA, i.e. would
it lessen structural racism (be an anti-racist action), lead to more health inequities, or have
no impact. Provide a well-thought-out explanation. (6 points)
At the end of your paper, provide a list of the references you used to help you substantiate
your position, using APA format. (3 point)

You must format your paper in the following manner**:

Policy: Specifically, and concretely state what the proposed law would be
Background: Provide a brief overview of the problem the policy would address and
existing policy shortfalls

Justification 1:
Rebuttal for Justification 1:
Counter claim for Rebuttal 1:
Justification 2:
Rebuttal for Justification 2:
Counter argument for Rebuttal 2:
Justification 3:
Rebuttal for Justification 3:
Counter argument for Rebuttal 3:
Effect on Structural Racism:

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