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Pretend you are a social worker/family therapist and your single female client states she would like to adopt a child and would like your advice on the adoption process. Use knowledge from the lecture and any of the 3 articles attached to back your answers to the questions below. Be sure to include an in-text citation of the authors your cite in your initial post.

What would you tell the client about the different types of adoptions?
How would you prepare your client for becoming a parent?
What are some of the challenges your client might face in the adoption process and how would you help your client positively handle those challenges?
Would you encourage your client to tell the child (someday) that were adopted? What do you think is the appropriate age to tell the child they were adopted?
What would you tell the client to tell the child about their adoption and why? What would you tell the parent not to tell the child about adoption and why? (if there is anything)

answer all the questions and use one or two articles.
Please use the lecture notes.

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