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Case Study When Good Teams Go Bad
This is an activity intended to demonstrate your ability to apply team concepts and your personal experiences to a case study scenario. You will analyze the organization in the case study, diagnose the issues, identify the positive & negative team, organizational and leadership factors, and recommend a course of action that highlights positive team behaviors. Follow these steps:

1.Using the Five Dysfunctions Assessment & Scoring Grid, rate the Nut Island team from the perspective of an employee.

2.In 2-3good paragraphs, Describe the Nut Island team and the success or failure of their mission, based on your assessment above.

3.Using Levi as a guide, in 2-3 paragraphs, evaluate the Nut Island team by selecting two (2) chapters from the book for your analysis, (e.g. CH 3 Team Beginnings & Ch 5 Cooperation & Competition)and using that content to explain the results from the Five Dysfunctions assessment above and what could have been done better. Be sure to use page numbers from Levi.

4.In one (1)well-reasoned paragraph, explain how you might have helped the Nut Island team overcome the deficiencies you highlighted in items 2 & 3 above using your Standout profile.

Format: One-inch margins, Calabria or Arial 12 pt. font

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