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This assignment will require you to develop a plan for the implementation of a Web-based Situational Awareness Program for New Braunfels, Texas. You can choose one of the Programs presented in this module, or another one of your choosing. Your plan should be 3 pages, and include the following:

A brief introduction of Web-based Situational Awareness Programs and how they will be used in New Braunfels, Texas.

An overview of the program you have chosen, as well as some justification for why it was chosen

A brief, bulleted plan for how you will use it, including:

What types of scenarios/events will necessitate using it

Who will have access to it, as well as who will have permission to post

Any additional protocol/policies you think are important to ensure the program is used to its fullest

The limit on this assignment is 3 PAGES MAX (excluding cover page and reference page). I will stop reading at the end of page 3; keep this concise and to the point.

Use the following as references








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