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The purpose of the Research Proposal assignment is for you to explore the issue you are focusing onchosen from the 14 topics listed under Module #11for your Final Semester Research Paper. In this assignment, you will clearly describe and define the controversial issue you are writing about, pose an arguable Research Question, present an overview of the specific controversy, and put forth your point of view in an arguable, clearly worded, appropriately worded, not too vague, not too broad, not too narrow Thesis Statement.

Assignment Outline
1st ParagraphTopic Introduction
Specifically, what is the controversy? When did this controversy begin? Can it be traced to a particular event or time period?
If the controversy has existed for quite some time, how has it changed? If the controversy is newer, are people aware of it? Who has stake in this controversy? (ie: Who, specifically, is involved? Who cares about this issue?)
IF THE DIFFERENTIATION IS RELEVANT TO YOUR DISCUSSION: Is this a local issue? A national issue? A world issue? If this is a national issue, how does it differ across the country? Is the problem exactly the same everywhere or are there local differences?
At the end of the first paragraph, present your research question
2nd ParagraphTopic Scope
Discuss three of the major viewpoints concerning the topic you have chosen.
ie: How would at least 3 different groups of people answer your research question?  What are people arguing about?
Even though the third point of view will be your position, the discussion in this paragraph must remain objective–your readers should not know where you stand until paragraph #3 where you put forth your Thesis Statement
3rd ParagraphMain Claim
Discuss why the topic matters (They Say, I Say chapter 7)
Transition into your Thesis Statement
At the end of the third paragraph, present your thesis statement
Assignment Criteria
You will need to cite from at least 3 different articles for this assignment; however, more are acceptable.
Your paper must follow documentation guidelines from the MLA Handbook, 8th edition (correct heading, running head, in-text citations, spacing, Works Cited page, 12-point Times New Roman font, etc.)
This assignment comprises 5% of your ENC 1101 semester grade.
The final draft of the Research Proposal Assignment is due through the appropriate dropbox in Canvas and therefore WILL NOT be accepted as an email or comment attachment.

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