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You need to find an architecture designer/professional in Kansas now!!!! to make an interview with the person. (do not choose Lisa Schmitz). The questions are listed below. Before you contact the architecture designer/professional, you need to tell me first. I will make sure the person is proper or not for this interview.
you need to record the whole interview and organizing the questions’ answers in a Word document. (at least 800 words, each question you organized according to the interview is at least 60 words)
You need to learn some basic knowledge about slow design and architecture before the interview.

Notice!!! All the questions should be related to slow design in Kansas city architecture!!!

1. Why Kansas city is a good place to develop a slow design in architecture?

2. Find out how slow design in Kansas City buildings establishes a long-term emotional connection with users. (give 2 examples and describe in details)

3. What design methods in slow design(architecture) can convey the correct consumption view and respond to sustainable development.

4. Why did Kansas people focus on the slow design process and get physical and mental relaxation and enjoyment from architecture.

5. what do you think about the development trend of slow architecture in the future.(describe in details)

6. The applications of slow design in architecture. (at least 2 examples, describe in details)

7. The slow design method that is easy for people to accept in Kansas city. (give at least four specific examples and explain why)

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