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For this paper, you will design a criminal justice agency of your own vision.  What is the agency? How is it designed? What is its mission?  I want you to incorporate what you consider valuable needed aspects of the organization.  For example, you would want to include but not limit it to:

1) How would your facility align with criminal justice reform and not contribute to the “broken criminal justice system” in exsistence today?

2) Compare how your criminal justice organization would mirror or operate to one that is already established.

3) Discuss how Communication would be conveyed and evaluated to the employees in your agency and whereit falls on the list of the organization’s priorities.

4) List some ways you would incorporate motivating employees and how important is motivation in your organization and why.

5) Are there any historical CJ perspectives you learned about in this course that are successful still today and that you would incorporate in your organization?

6) How would you effectively evaluate your employees and what does that look like?

7) What would you have planned for occupationa socialization in your organization?

8) How would you strengthen the decision making skillset of your employees?

9) What kind of change and innovation do you have in place for your organization that does not exsist in CJ agencies today that really should have already been in exsistence.

10) Think of your past interview with your criminal justice professional.  What did you learn from that CJ leader that you can incorporate in your organization.


Your paper MUST be formatted with proper APA in text citations and references for ALL supporting details you cite.  This is essential to stay in alignment with the academic integrity policy.  Be careful when you copy information as the plagarisim tracker picks up identical words and phrases, so you will want to make sure you are rewriting that information in your own words.

The paper should have a APA title page, Abstract page, besides those pages you should have  at least  3 pages of  supporting details and analysis/self reflection about your organization, then the Conclusion, and Reference pages. Set up should most likely resemble this:

1)  APA Title Page

2) Abstract

3) Research/Supporting Details and Self Reflection/Analysis of what you comprehended.

4) Conclusion

5) References

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