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Topic: CBD products

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about


Your basic outline should contain your specific purpose, thesis, and main points to be developed in your speech. The main points should be in complete sentences and not formed as a question.  You can include other parts of your speech for peer feedback. Review the format required for the final outline in the course documents.

The main points are the most important element in organizing the body of a speech.
Each main point should be a complete sentence.
For the time and word count allotted, you should have no more than 3 main points.
Each main point should be clearly independent of the others. If you cannot divide a point into at least two subpoints, your point may not be substantive enough.
If you find yourself with too many main points, then they should be condensed into a few broad categories.
The main points should be organized strategically with supporting material. Your details and evidence need to be directly relevant to the main points they support.

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