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For this assignment, you will complete exercises from the textbook and submit them for feedback from the instructor. You may submit individually or work together with a group (have only 1 person submit for the entire group). Assignments will be graded based on completion; this includes showing all work and steps, explaining answers, and answering all aspects of a question thoroughly.

You are encouraged to work with other students and tutors, to use the answer key in the back of the textbook, and to search for help online. However, submitting as ones own work part or all of any assignment that is copied, paraphrased, or purchased from another source, including online sources, without the proper acknowledgment of that source is plagiarism (LBC | Capitals Academic Integrity Policy (Links to an external site.)).

In order to avoid plagiarism, please give credit to all sources used. This can be done informally; for example, provide a link to websites you referenced or state names of other students with whom you worked. Use the answer key and online sources with integrity. By submitting your assignment, you are affirming that the work is original to you and that you tried your best to understand and work through each problem, even if receiving help from others.

Please submit your assignment as a single PDF file. Here are some options for creating this type of file; please contact your instructor if you encounter any issues.

Handwrite your assignment and scan it. Be sure to check your scanners settings to create a single PDF file.
Handwrite your assignment and use a mobile scanning app to scan. Three free apps that work well are CamScanner (Links to an external site.), Office Lens (Links to an external site.), and TinyScan (Links to an external site.).
Type your assignment in a program such as Microsoft Word. When you save it, choose the PDF file format.
Submit your solutions to the following exercises:

Exercises 3A: #39, 47, 51, 53, 55, 59, 63, 67, 71
Exercises 3B: #15 (c & f), 17 (d & f), 19 (a & d), 29 (coffee, tea, or your beverage/snack of choice), 33
Exercises 3C: #21, 33, 45, 53, 59, 69
Exercises 3D: #11, 13, 17, 19, 27, 31, 43, 45 (Note for #45: There are currently 6 fully free countries. Use the website https://www.heritage.org/index/ (Links to an external site.).)
Exercises 3E: #11, 19, 21
Extra Credit: Choose 1 or 2 Think About It exercises from Chapter 3 and submit your answers for 12 points extra credit.

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