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Clarify and answer the following questions based on the attached Post.

1. What are some of the specific ideas within conflict theory that could be applied here?
2. Does Marxist though emphasize conformity and “working together”?
3. It sounds more like functionalism to me? Would you mind clarifying that?


I find the ideas of Karl Marx manifested in the film contagion in that the country suffers from the social disorder due to differences in status in society. Frankfurt Schools views are also displayed in balancing personal motives and professional responsibilities, leading to vulnerability due to lack of knowledge.

Karl Marxs conflict theory is showcased in the film where human beings do not work together to reach their primary goal of fighting the virus, which becomes a pandemic (Campbell, 1981). They lack the spirit of consensus and conformity hence failing to work with the developed countries who can deal with the disease. For instance, health professionals panic at the strike of the virus out of fear failing to find a vaccine. This happens due to the diversity of powers leading to the vulnerability of the unfortunate in the society. Besides, individuals are denied the right information by those who access it. The action them makes them contagions of themselves hence spreading the virus more.

Frankfurt Schools critical theory is depicted in the film where health professionals are expected to work as a team in acquiring more knowledge on how to fight the pandemic (Turner, 2012). Fighting the epidemic would promote a healthy country and prevent fear that develops in citizens. Besides, health professionals should not avoid the truth about the pandemic. Thus, they should inform the citizens about the disease and give them the right information to prevent the virus’s spread. For instance, the contagion virus was spread by individuals as a result of false information presented by the government. Health professionals in the film break the protocols due to their selfish reasons. For instance, Dr. Cheever notifies his fiance to leave the city before the quarantine is imposed instead of working with others to find a vaccine.


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