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Design the best strategy you can to help one person (you or someone else) decrease their prejudice against (or for) a group or individual. The best strategies cause long-lasting change to a life-altering prejudice. Remember to consider all of the persuasive techniques we’ve learned, as well as the causes of prejudice and any other relevant topics from this course so far.

Actually use this strategy on this person STARTING RIGHT NOW and write up your results. This will take multiple tries, so don’t wait to start. I don’t expect miracles, but I do expect an honest effort. Do not tell me about something you did in the past. Start a new thing, right now. Be sure to include:

What you did

Why you chose to use this strategy

What results you observed

What you learned from this experience
Persuasive techniques to use: cognitive dissonance, Denial, rationalizing, fundamental attribution error, self serving bias, confirmation bias, self fulfilling prophecy, reactance, learned helplessness, foot in the door phenomenon, expertise, naive audience, in group bias, generalization.

thanks very much for your help. you can talk about any person is fine with me and you do not have to do anything “real” just make it look like is real. Let me tell you little about me so you can have an idea how how to do it or what group or person you should write about. I am Hispanic, I love helping old people and kids, If i can help someone to become better I would help a women who want to loss weight to look more beautiful.

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