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Please write a discussion piece analyzing: Abdication Crisis 1936  (Materials Attached)

“Here are a few example questions to keep in mind during your primary source analysis:

What is the source being analyzed? Is it a text, an image, a video?

What sort of material is it (journal entry, poem, song lyrics, painting, inscription, political pamphlet, documentary etc.)?

Who created it?

Why was it created?

Where and when was the source created?

What was happening concurrently in the larger historical picture (e.g. war, famine, the rise of Cthulhu) when the source was created?

How reliable was the creators knowledge of the events (s)he describes?

Is the creator biased? If so, which way? How is this shown?

Is the creator trying to persuade the reader/viewer/listener of a particular point?

Can anything be said about the creators attitude or point of view from the source?

Does the creators attitude reflect or conflict with general attitudes at the time?”

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