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In the Little Book of Race and Restorative Justice, the author, Fania E. Davis, takes the position that principles of restorative justice should be in the forefront, and the center, of racial reconciliation in the United States. She believes that it is the only way to heal the nation.

Select an incident of racial injustice that has occurred in the United States, i.e. Ferguson police shooting, Trayvon Martin, Starbucks ejecting black men, and apply one of the restorative justice models you learned about this semester. These models include, mediation, circles, conferencing, impact panels, truth and reconciliation hearings.

Walk me through the application of Inclusion, Encounter, Amends and Reintegration from Chapters 4-7 in the textbook, Restoring Justice.

1. Explain the incident of racial injustice. This can include an incident from the current news cycle, historical event or cancel culture. For example, Amy Cooper from Central Park who called the police on the African American man bird watcher.

2. Which model would you use? What are the elements? For example, in the aforementioned, Central Park incident you may use the Victim Offender model.

3. Then you would discuss, inclusion who should be there? What do you think they might say? What might be discussed? Tell me and explain it.

4. Could there be Amends?

5. How does the person or entity Reintegrate? Should it be allowed?
Please go back to the chapters for guidance on these points

6. What is the expected outcome? Using Daviss book, think about possible outcomes such as, national truth telling, restitution, reparations, public apologies.

This paper is now only 3 pages!! If you go over, no more than 5 pages. If you submit 2 pages, you will receive a 0 on the assignment. It must be 3 full pages or no grade.

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