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There is only one question.  Base your answer on the book, articles and lecture notes. The grade will be based on what information you identify as most relevant and the logic of your argument.  The test may not be more than 4 typed pages.

A company has decided to fund a human factors department to support product development and conduct human factor research. 

    Select a product for development. Identify 5 design, usability and/or research activities that should be initiated to support this project. Why did your select these 5?
o    Note: you are not being asked to redesign the product

    What are the major obstacles a corporate human factors group is likely to encounter?

You may wish to consider but are not limited to the following:
    Issues associated with the identification of user requirements, data gathering methodologies, task analysis, and behavioral objectives
    Theoretical and practical (rule of thumb) design approaches
    Information processing
    Cognition and physical abilities – limitations and bottlenecks
    Impact of Signal Detection Theory and the work of Kahneman & Tversky on decision-making (e.g. error prediction)
    Usability test plan development, criterion development and administration
    Issues associated with the design of work stations
    Information coding (visual & auditory)
    Standards, codes and guidelines
    Display & control layout and design
    Visual perception
    Human-Computer interaction design
    Anthropometry & motor skills (movement modeling)
    Accommodating individual differences
    Physical (e.g. illumination, climate, noise, motion) and social characteristics of the work environment
    System control characteristics
    Warnings and documentation
    Safety – regulations
    Alternative methods of motivating individual (and group) performance.
    Specific topics addressed in the book (e.g. accidents, automation, stress)

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