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respond to both of the prompts which follow, each an opportunity to demonstrate the breadth and extent of what youve learned from the readings. This means that youre to write two separate essays, both essays have to use the information from the reading that I upload, NO OTHER SOURCE!

Take care to cite a sufficient number of specific examples carefully chosen among the objects and images, demonstrate both the breadth and extent of your understanding.
Be sure to begin with clearly articulated claims more than simply a restatement of each prompt, but your own claim in response to it and to organize your essay as evidence in support
of that claim.
As before, since you can only be given credit for what you write, not for what you know but fail to demonstrate you know, an overly brief response is not to your advantage.

Essay 1
Discuss the merits of the following claim: Works of art are best understood situated within the networks of social relations and historical conditions that gave shape to their meaning at the time
they were produced.
Essay 2
Describe and discuss how your understanding of Art History has changed over the course of the semester.

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