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During the course of this semester we have discussed and you have read about many of the major theorists in child development. Now is the time to reflect on what you have learned.  For this assignment each of you will select at least three theorists to discuss.  By way of introduction you should provide a brief description of the theorist’s background and then list and discuss the elements of each theory thoroughly. You will explain the major tenants of their theories, discuss strengths and weakness associated with the theory and finally discuss how these theories are applied in the early childhood classroom. Be sure to include why you feel it is important to understand these theories for the classroom setting and how it will inform your decision making process.  Be sure to connect these theories to their use in the classroom through examples based on your own personal experience as well as referencing the text and additional academic resources.

I am going to allow the following options for presenting this material

A traditional paper between 4 pages long (not including cover page and references) in APA format. You should use the text as well as at least four additional outside academic resources to support your statements.

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