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What specific research methodology (ies) will the study utilize (see above)?  What is your lens?  Why are those particular methodologies appropriate for the study?  There may be more than one methodology.  Indigenous theories (Traditional knowledge, Medicine Wheel)?  Critical? Decolonizing? Critical Theory?  Settler-colonial? Anti-colonial? Feminist? Life histories?  Grounded Theory? Participatory? Phenomenological? Constructivist? Case study?
In addition, there are many specific methods that can be utilized including: interviews, a survey, focus groups, sharing circles, historical research, life histories, photo voice, history of their families, performance research or environmental research.
A three page single spaced paper (approximately 1500 words) outline the methodology (ies) and methods that will be used in the study and a rationale for each will be submitted.  Also include a sampling strategy that indicates who will be included in the study and why.

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