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I would like to do some changes and add some sentences to this paper.

1) for the first paragraph talk about your opinion on mediation and thoughts on it (say that you have not done it before and you think it will not help for example) and keep the second paragraph.
2) for day 1, talk about your thoughts and opinion on meditation with Sufi music, say your opinion, you can just add 1 to 2 sentences.
3) I want you to rearrange days 1, 2, and 3, make it so it follows this order day 1 silent meditation, day 2 guided meditation, day 3 meditation with Sufi music, change some sentences to make it fit in its new arrangement.
4) as a new file or upload it under the paper with the changes I want you to summarize this paper, for the Introduction summarize it to make it one paragraph including the main points, for the E-journal summarize each day to make it 3-5 days including all the main points, and for the last part summarize it to 2 paragraphs.
5) proofread everything to fix all the spelling and grammar mistakes.

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