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Professional Writing Assignment Content

The purpose of this assignment is to develop your writing skills as they pertain to this course. As discussed in class, communication is a critical component of organizational effectiveness in all areas of its operations, and as this pertains to you, communication is critical to your personal professional development. In addition to developing your oral and written communication skills, it is important that you be able to discern the appropriate mode of communication. Some of the factors that impact the mode (how to deliver the message) have to do with the sensitivity of the situation, its criticality and how quickly the message needs to be relayed and/or responded to; as well as the need to have sufficient, relevant, accurate, and timely documentation, and there could be many other factors. The three writing assignments were designed with the above in mind.

Choose 1 of the below assignments and complete.
Your submission should be no less than one page.

Assignment 1

Financing Your Business Venture: One of the most important aspects of starting a business is to secure financing for it. With several options to finance a business venture including investors, loans, grants, savings, etc., one must decide on the best option. You are about to start a new business and are eager to secure the financing needed for it. Research financing options available and write an e-mail to your business partner explaining the pros and cons of each option and your recommendation. Be sure to justify your choice.

Assignment 2

Cultural Differences: Learning about other cultures is essential to doing business globally. What might be considered the norm in one culture may not be considered the same in another culture. Your business deal with Sanjiv, a South Asian executive, has been proven to be difficult because of cultural differences. Sanjiv insists on dealing on a handshake and not bothering with detailed paperwork and legal processes. You, on the other hand, feel uncomfortable entering into a multi-million-dollar deal just on a handshake even after years of positive dealings with Sanjiv. Write Sanjiv an e-mail to resolve this issue while maintaining cultural sensitivity and respect.

Assignment 3

Global Business Opportunity: Your manager presented you with a proposal to expand your companys luxury car line into two new countries, Syria and France. You were tasked with researching both countries for opportunities to turn them into profit centers. Respond to your managers proposal detailing both opportunities and concerns and explain your rationale for your decision.

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