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I recently came across this new window cleaning product called ‘The Glider’. It is featured on a website called The Grommet which promotes new entrepreneurial products entering the marketplace. You can learn about this product and watch a video by going to this website:  https://www.thegrommet.com/our-makers/the-glider

For this written sales project let us say that the inventors of this product approached you to help them sell their cleaner through a retail chain here in the US market. Your task is to review the product, and determine who you think are the best target markets (customers) for a product like this. Identify one large retail chain that you think should carry this product and write a proposal to persuade them to carry it. Please do not use Amazon as your choice of retailer.

Your proposal directed to the retail chain should include the following components:

1. Introduction and background on the product.

2. Tell us who you consider to be the ideal customer(s) for this product.

3. Assessment of the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of this product.

4. Comparison with other similar products on the market

5. Your persuasive argument for why this product is a good fit with the retailer you chose.

6. Conclusion/Summary.

In addition, you should also research similar products on the market for a competitive analysis.

This assignment should be at least 3-5 pages. Please proofread your work carefully and submit using MLA general format.

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