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Your paper should include the following sections at a minimum:
1. Cover page (Does not count in the 10-page total)
2. Abstract (Does not count in the 10-page total)
3. Introduction of the topic (Overview of the original theory to support the topic, including why topic is important to study from the perspective of research, practice, policy or any combination of the three.)
4. Literature Review: start with original work and then discuss subsequent articles which are either descendant or derivative of the original theory.
5. Contributions of the Theory: how has the theory and its offspring contributed to the body of knowledge
6. Criticisms and Limitations: what are the criticisms and limitations of the original theory.
7. Recommendations and Conclusion: Future evolution or research focus. You should spend most of your efforts on this section since it will reveal the amount of thought and effort you put into your paper. (This section should be at least a full-page discussion.)
8. References: (Does not count in the 10-page total.)

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