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In the second quarter of 2020, Mexico’s total investment amounted to 900 billion pesos.  Inventories increased by 81 billion pesos during this same period.  What was Mexico’s planned investment?

(Do not enter the zeros for billions in your answer.  For example, if your answer is 10 billion pesos, enter 10.)

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Inflation in Mexico (using the CPI method) rose from 4.01% in August 2020 to 4.09% in October 2020.  By how many percentage points should real interest rates have changed over the same period, assuming that nominal interest rates have remained fixed during this time?

(Round your answer to two decimal places.  If real interest rates fell, be sure to include a negative sign.  Do not include a percentage sign.)

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Mexico’s real GDP fell from 4.5 trillion pesos to 3.8 trillion pesos over the first part of 2020.  In that same time, its consumer spending fell from 3.1 trillion pesos to 2.5 trillion pesos.

Assume that real GDP represents disposable income.  Using these values, what is the size of the government spending multiplier?

(Round answers to one decimal place.)

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