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Your research paper is the culminating critical exploration of your research question. Remember: inquiry + research = knowledge! (Badkes Chapter 1 reading, model for research on p. 26)

In your paper you will:

Introduce your research topic and question
Summarize and synthesize your sources
Analyze your sources in light of your research question
Present your conclusions, findings, or recommendations
Make sure that your research question reflects that, your research question will let your reader know exactly what you will be discussing and what your paper will be answering.
The goal is to actually present the data to the reader not tell them that you did research or that the research exists. For example you might introduce the topic to the reader by letting them know what the problem. State an attention grabbing fact or statistic and the who what where when how why of the topic. Then pose your research question as part of the introduction so that the reader know exactly what the paper will be discussing.
Your paper should be a complete, well-developed paper that conforms to the guidelines outlined below.

Format Requirements:

Research papers must be 5-8 pages long, not including your works cited page (which is required) or illustrations (which are optional).
In your paper you must use a minimum of 5 different sources, including:  2 scholarly sources; 1 internet source (Please refer to the word doc. attached for the sources necessary for this research. Feel free to include other sources.)
Paper must be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 point font. Please use page numbers.
Your paper must include the title of your paper, your name, our course number (LIB 1201) and the date.
Your paper must be typed, include your name and submitted via blackboard.
References must conform to MLA style guidelines.
Research Paper Grading Rubric

Introduction (10)

Research question stated (10)

Background (10)

Evidence (10)

is evidence accurate & relevant (10)

Analysis (10)

does analysis of facts follow logic, or is it biased (10)

Conclusion (10)

does the conclusion address the research question, is it well reasoned and follow and objective analysis

Works Cited (10) citations correctly formatted in MLA style and listed alphabetically

Formatting(10) free of spelling and grammatical errors, structured appropriately with logical transitions from introduction to conclusion

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