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Topic to research and write about: Having seen how many people are now working from home what do you see are the advantages and disadvantages of converting to a work from home format for those who are going to be graduating from college and entering the workforce.

Sample Format for Recommendation Report
* Letter of Transmittal
* Title Page
* Table of Contents
* Informative Abstract
* Introduction
    * Context/Background Information
    * Purpose statement and top-down strategy
* Problem/Need
    * Explanation of problem or need
    * Causes of problem or need
* Solution
    * Details of the solution
    * Benefits of the solution
    * Ways in which the solution satisfies decision criteria
* Implementation
    * Schedule for implementing the solution (Consider including a Gantt chart)
    * Budget
    * Personnel and assigned duties of each member of the team
* Call to Action
    * Underscore benefits of recommendation and ask reader to act
* References

* Understand and apply the conventions of a report
* Address a specific problem and develop realistic potential solutions to that problem 
* Integrate evidence gathered from research to support an argument
* Use data visualizations to integrate data in support of an argument
* Apply the stylistic conventions of professional writing to craft an effective argument
* Apply principles of document design to create a visually appealing document designed for readability

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